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Essay on My School: The school has been given the place of the temple since ancient times. In ancient times, children were taken to the gurukuls (schools) at the age of 6, 8 or 11 years and sat near the Guru and received education as Brahmachari. The Guru completes his physical and intellectual rites, teaches him all the scriptures and useful disciplines and finally initiates and marries him and sends him back to perform the various duties of householders’ labour. The schools of today are very different from the Gurukuls of ancient times, but even today the schools are given the status of temples and teachers are given the status of God.

Essay on My School / A New Essay on My School

The name of my school is Government Sahishikya Secondary School, Kirti Nagar. It is an ideal school. Education here is a good system for sports and other extracurricular activities. The atmosphere here is calm and captivating.

My school has classes from VI to Xth. There are two or three sections in each class. The school building is double-storied. It has about fifty rooms. All classrooms are furnished and ventilated with furniture, fans, etc. The principal’s room is specially decorated. Apart from this, the staff room, library room, hall, computer room, laboratory room etc. are also equipped with all types of good arrangements. There is also proper management of drinking water and toilets in the school.

About two and a half thousand students study in my school. Teachers – The number of teachers is fifty. Apart from this, there is also ten other staff. Of these, three clerks are a gardener and five peons. There is a concierge who guards the school at night.

In terms of education, my school holds a leading position in the city. Almost all students pass with good marks. Teachers keep a complete record of the progress of students. Most of the teachers are scholars, experienced and qualified. Our principal is cultured and disciplined. Under his leadership, the school is progressing fourfold day and night. She is committed to the all-round development of the school. The students are very respectful to the Principal.

Nowadays the importance of technical education has increased. In my school, there is a strong emphasis on teaching computers as technical education. Science applications are described in the laboratory. Sports are also given full attention to our school. Sports coaches give us proper training to play sports like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, kho-kho, kabaddi etc. Last year, my school finished first in the Intermediate Hockey Competition.

There is a good library in my school. Students can take books from the library to read them. Apart from textbooks, there is a good collection of stories, poems and books related to knowledge science.

There are many trees and plants in the courtyard of my school. Trees and flowering plants in queues create beautiful natural scenes. The gardener takes regular care of the plants. In school, we have been told how important trees and plants are to us. That is why we take full care of them.

We get an opportunity to study in the school and participate in cultural programs besides sports. Students participate in cultural programs on various occasions like Children’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Gandhi Jayanti Vidyalaya’s annual festival. It develops qualities like honesty, courage, courage and mutual support in us.

In my school, everything is orderly, disciplined, cooperative and merry. I feel proud of my school.


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