How to Write an AP English Essay

AP English Literature and Composition is a rigorous academic course offered by the College Board. It provides students with opportunities to pursue studies of university-level while they are in high school. An AP exam enables students to earn advanced placement before even starting college. Moreover, it helps in getting admission easily to the top Universities of the world. 

If you are pursuing the course and need help with your writing section to write an AP essay, then you are at the right place. We have rounded up a list of tips that can help you write an impressive AP English Essay.

How to Write an AP English Essay

Solid understanding of grammar, writing style, punctuation, and impressive vocabulary are incredibly essential to write an AP English essay. Before writing the essay, you need to make sure that you have critical thinking abilities and  top-notch comprehending of grammar and writing skills.

Sounds difficult? If yes, then you need not worry anymore. There are various online academic writing services that can help you with your AP English essay. These online paper writing services hire advanced writers in order to provide proper assistance to the clients with their AP English essays. 

If you find it hectic to write an AP English essay, then you can pay someone to write your essay for you by academic experts. Professional academic writing services like AdvancedWriters make sure to provide the best writing services to the clients in order to help them achieve their determined academic goals. The process of writing an AP English essay is a little bit complicated. Below mentioned are some of the tips that you can follow to write a good AP English essay.

Start Directly and Quickly 

Before you start writing an AP English essay, always make sure to read the topic properly and collect thoughts related to it. Starting the essay with a strong introduction and opening paragraph can be an amazing asset for the essay. 

When writing an AP English essay, you should avoid starting it with ideas that do not relate directly to the topic. The essay should not be prejudiced with a weak introduction and opening. The introduction should be strong enough to gain the reader’s attention. Moreover, it should be direct and should not include unnecessary argumentation. 

Make the Right Plan

You should not start writing until you fully comprehend the prompt and the passage. Lack of proper plan and mere understanding of the prompt can lead to floundering rather than developing a clear idea about developing the essay. 

Therefore, before you start to write, it is better to make a quick outline of the essay. Moreover, you should also make quick notes about your ideas. This planning enables you to organize the ideas and introduce them in the essay more efficiently. 

Active planning may take around five minutes, but it is worth the time and effort. Students who fail to make the right plan often end up paraphrasing rather than analyzing the information. Planning is the best way to stay focused while writing the AP essay.  

Include Topic Paragraphs and Sentences

It may seem like a small matter, but it is essential to write paragraphs and sentences clearly. An essay that lacks proper indentation looks inadequate and often confuses the reader. Topic sentences and paragraphs help in creating the basic structure of an essay, and without their proper indenting, your good ideas can get jumbled. 

The essays that lack proper paragraphs and structure tend to be full of confusing and rambling thoughts. Topic sentences and paragraphs are profoundly beneficial for helping the readers navigate through your AP English essay smoothly. 

Use Quotations

If you want to write a good essay, then it would be wise to use pertinent quotations. Using quotations from reliable source text help in supporting the ideas and argumentations that you are presenting in your essay. The quotations not only make the argumentation stronger but also make the essay more interesting. 

When using quotations, make sure to explain them clearly. In addition to this, you should also demonstrate how the quotations are relevant to the essay topic. Including quotes without explanation can bog down the essay. Moreover, it can give an undesirable impression that you are trying to do word filling. 

Use Appropriate Vocabulary

The use of analytical wording and appropriate vocabulary reveals a brilliant mind. However, you need to make sure that the choice words are the right fit for the essay. Some students opt to use heavy words just to sound smart and scholarly. However, a lack of clarity and irrelevance of the words to the prompt can make a bad impression. 

It is better to use appropriate words with the right relevance to the prompt. Moreover, make sure to use active voice as much as possible. It helps in writing a top-notch essay with appropriate wording and vocabulary. 

Create Variety

Short and choppy sentences with vague language indicate that the student has little background of writing style and grammar. Therefore, make sure to connect ideas using transitional wording, appositives, participial phrases, etc. 

Both the writers and readers get bored when the content lacks some creativity and is formulaic. So, it is essential to create variety while writing essays to make them interesting and grab the attention of the reader. 

Final Words

Writing an AP English essay can be difficult if you lack a good understanding of grammar and writing skills. You can take help from online academic writing services and pay someone to write an essay. It will help you in understanding how to write an AP essay. Make sure to choose the right service that can help you adequately attain your determined academic goal.


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