UP Bhulekh, Khasra Number, Online Land Verification In 2020

One of the best things about the UP government is introducing the right type of schemes to help needy people. One of those initiatives is the launch of the UP bhulekh portal. Bhulekh is an online portal launched by the UP government, where you can see all the details regarding your land and property. Before introducing UP bhulekh, all the land and property-related jamabandi or khatoni departments handled operations. If you had to find any property details like rights, ownership, and selling, you had to visit the revenue department.

However, now things have changed with the launch of UP bhulekh, where there is no need to go to the land departments for getting small information about the land or property.

UP Bhulekh, Khatoni, Jamabandi

UP Bhulekh Online

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Earlier, we had to visit the patwari or revenue office when we wanted to get even single information about the land or property. Things are quite tricky when you have to manually talk to the officials, who sometimes might not be helpful, but now everything’s become digitized. The UP government decided to launch the Bhulekh portal, which gives you all the required information about the land. Here all the details, such as plot number, land size, ownership, and selling details, are maintained in the digitized form. You can check the following direct links as well to get the required information.

Direct link to online verification of UP Bhulekh 2020

Check Bhulekh UP Khasra Khatauni Online
भूखण्ड /गाटे के वाद ग्रस्त होने की स्थिति यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Check Bhulekh UP Land Record Online
खतौनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखें
Click Here
Find UP Unique / Gata Code
भूखण्ड/ गाटे का यूनिक कोड यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Search UP Khasra Code Wise
राजस्व ग्राम खतौनी का कोड यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Bhulekh UP Khautani Nakal Verification
खतौनी अंश -निर्धारण की नक़ल यहाँ देखें
Click Here
UP Bhu Naksha
यूपी भू नक्शा/भू-लेख ऑनलाइन मैप देखें
Click Here

The above mentioned direct links help find the required information such as land codes, khatoni details, etc. You just have to click on it and select the relevant categories for getting the required information. People often have to face lots of problems when they go and visit the revenue department. Things are not good when it comes to the government departments handling the land records. You will have to visit multiple times to get the smallest information about the land which you own. UP bhulekh portal was launched by the government to make things easier.

How To Check The Land Records Through UP Bhulekh?

One of the saddest things about the online portals is that people still don’t know anything about its usability. When you can get the required information about the land records which are being maintained by the UP government at your home, then why do you need to go and visit the revenue departments. In this section, we tried to explain how to check land records using UP bhulekh in the most straightforward steps.

So follow the steps mentioned below to check the information of khatoni; considering its importance, we thoroughly explained the steps.

  1. Visit The Portal: First of all, open the browser and visit the online portal of UP bhulekh. You can click here to go directly or type http://upbhulekh.gov.in.
  2. Choose The category of Information: Now, you will see the online portal of UP bhulekh, where there will be many categories of Information. So choose the required category such as “knowing the condition of plots/gatas,” etc.
  3. Enter Captcha Code: You will be asked to “enter the captcha code” for verification purposes. Enter the code shown into the little box correctly, and you will be taken to the step.
  4. Select A District: A list of various districts in the UP will appear on the screen. So click on the list and select the district of which you want to know bhulekh information.
  5. Select Tehsil office: A list of tehsils will also appear. Since there will be many tehsils in one district, you must choose the tehsil office from the list accordingly.
  6. Select The Village: Now you will have to select the village from that tehsil. A list of villages containing the first alphabet was made available. So click on the first letter of your village name, and it will show you the name quickly.
  7. Enter Valid Credential: Now, you will have to enter the required and valid credentials here. Such as you can out the GATA number or the account holder’s name or number. When you enter the credentials, click on the “see evaluation” option, and it will fetch all of the Information about the land details you put.
  8. Check the Information: Now check the details of the land’s owner, such as name, account holder, land number, district, village, area, etc.
  9. Save Information: when you see the required information about the land or property, take a screenshot to save it for future reference.

So these are some most natural steps through which you can get the required details about the land which you or others won. You don’t have to worry about the details of land because you can check it anytime from the bhulekh portal.

What Are The Benefits Of UP Bhulekh Portal

One of the best things about the UP bhulekh online portals is that it offers several amounts of advantages over manual systems. Things have gotten more comfortable since the government launched this portal, and here are some key benefits of this UP bhulekh.

  • It eliminates the need to manually visit the land’s department, resulting in saving time and effort. You can check the land ownership, number, account holder’s details, etc. by sitting at your home.
  • You have to enter the Khasra/Gate no to get the information on the land which you are seeking.
  • There is no need to visit the patwari office to get the smallest information about the land you own. UP Bhulekh portal has resulted in more transparency in the administration system.
  • You can change the information such as name, account number through bhulekh with minimal effort.

What Is UP Bhu Naksha

UP Bhu Naksha is the digitized version of the map, and you can see any land through this map. You don’t have to visit the patwari office to get the map of your area; with just one click, Bhu naksha will provide all the essential information.

Recently UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath decided to launch a Map of every corner of the UP state in the form of Bhu Naksha. You can check it through the bhulekh portal or click here.

Final Words

So this is how you can use the UP bhulekh portal to get the information about the land without visiting the revenue office. Things are getting quite more comfortable every day; it’s just that people don’t pay much attention to such things. You can use the bhulekh online portal for various reasons, and here we explained it most efficiently. If you have doubts or questions, then leave a comment down below.


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